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by George Bellows
Oil on canvas.

An excellent investment. This work was purchased by the current owner before a work by Bellows set the auction record for any American painting at $27,702,500.00

Selling Art and Antiques

We have guided over $5 million in sales through public auctions, private, and institutional sales over the past 12 months, in categories as diverse as Art Deco Cartier jewelry, 19th century American paintings, early porcelain, a 1966 guitar formerly owned by Jimi Hendrix, rare coins and stamps, Walt Disney animation drawings from the 1930’s, and Greek antiquities.

The art market comprises both opportunity and peril. We help our clients to make informed decisions about what to sell, when to sell, how to sell, and under what conditions.

Private Sales

There are many case in which a private sale, either to a collector, an institution, or to a reliable dealer, offers distinct advantages. These transactions are usually speedier than other options, and in some ways more predictable. A price is negotiated and set and all that remains are the arrangements for a proper transfer of funds and property. Often, the buyer in these transactions will pay a premium for the same reasons that attract the seller, usually speed and privacy.

Our role in these transactions is multi-level:

Auction Sales

The same issues apply to purchases made from dealers, private collectors, and institutions that apply to buying at auction. We determine answers to the questions that allow the collector the freedom to make a good decision.

Auction Sale Variables and Other Considerations

We have negotiated auction sale contracts of considerable diversity, and from both sides of the table, on behalf of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, highly visible Hollywood personalities, and US diplomatic personnel, negotiating on behalf of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the US State Department.

A few of the primary variables in the decision to sell at auction would include:

Specific variables regarding auction consignments would include:

It is not uncommon that a combination of auction sales and private sales is the best option for certain sellers, especially those with collections of significant diversity.