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by George Bellows
Oil on canvas.

An excellent investment. This work was purchased by the current owner before a work by Bellows set the auction record for any American painting at $27,702,500.00

Buying Art and Antiques

There are four questions that must be answered before a prospective purchase is made: is the piece authentic; what is its condition; what is its quality, and what is a fair price to pay for it?

Our advice to collectors who need answers to these questions is based on information that comes from a network of seasoned experts, most of them current or former department heads of international auction houses, and independent specialists. Our advice is always current, accurate, and impartial.

Buying at Auction

Auctions great and small can be excellent sources. But these purchases usually involve questions that must be posed by an experienced hand. A few of these questions would include: These questions change according to the nature of the purchase, and its location.

Buying from Other Sources

The same issues apply to purchases made from dealers, private collectors, and institutions that apply to buying at auction. We determine answers to the questions that allow the collector the freedom to make a good decision.


Unlike buying at auction, purchases made from these sources often involves negotiation. Some collectors enjoy this process; others do not. We stand ready to offer our considerable experience in this area to all of our clients who want to make use of it.

Restoration and Conservation Questions

We often consult on these questions and, with advice from qualified restorers, make recommendations on courses of action, monitor progress, and issue appraisals that reflect value changes that result from these processes.