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Read & Mullin Picasso lithograph appraisal

NUDE, 1932

Pablo Picasso, Spanish (1881-1973)

Lithograph on wove paper, 8 3/8 x 10 5/8 in.

Collectors: If you include the imitations and frauds, it is estimated that there may be as many as 75,000 prints on the market bearing Picasso's signature, all varying in quality, condition, and price. This work is genuine, and it is worth about $3,500.00. We have found it offered on the Internet for as much as $16,000.00.

A Collector’s Guide to Mirrors

Glass, the most obvious necessity for a mirror, has been around since about 4 bc. The Ancient Egyptians made multicolored beads and small vessels of it, and the Greeks and Romans after them produced glass objects, especially drinking glasses, of great sophistication. You can buy a two thousand year old Roman drinking glass at auction for a few hundred dollars, and often less. They have a beautifully iridescent surface from their years underground, and it is hard to believe they are not broken.

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Southern Silver: Gentility, Tenacity, and Romance in the Marketplace

The words “Southern silver” can conjure the romantic image of a delicate Southern belle gathering up and burying her family’s most treasured silver heirlooms only moments before the Yankees descend upon the plantation. Perhaps the romance of such an image can be credited with the recent explosion in prices in the Southern silver collector marketplace, but this article helps us move beyond the romantic, to a better understanding of the trend. It will help those new to this collecting area by exploring what defines Southern coin silver and what determines its value.

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